Lip Sync Battle

As made famous by Jimmy Fallon of The Tonight Show, now you and your friends can be the star of your very own Lip Sync Battle! (Not sure what this is all about? Watch Jimmy Fallon vs. Emma Stone Lip Sync Battle video.)

Can we really do this?
Yes! Imagine as your CEO takes the stage and starts lip syncing the Korean lyrics to Ghangam Style...or the best man at your wedding knee-sliding to Old Time Rock 'n Roll... or the East Coast Sales Team vs. West Coast Sales Team at your corporate event, or the groomsmen vs. the bridesmaids at your wedding — Sapphire Sky Lip Sync Battles ignite your special event into a flaming ball of fun! And your guests will be reminiscing about these moments for years to come!

How does the Lip Sync Battle work?
First, Sapphire Sky will deliver the electrifying live band & interactive DJ experience that you're looking for most of the night. In between live sets — generally after the first set — the Lip Sync Battle will commence. Sapphire Sky's MC will announce the contestants, and bring them up to the stage. Contestants will do a brief introduction of themselves and the song they'll be performing. Then, the first lip sync performance begins.

How many contestants can participate?
Each performance can be an individual or a group of people on stage. (ie. lead singer plus back-up singers/dancers)

How do I choose contestants?
Since performances are truly lip synced, no one needs to have any actual musical ability. It's about energy, humor, and entertainment.

How many contestants can participate?
As many as you want!

What is the typical flow of a Lip Sync Battle?
Step 1: At the beginning of the night, Sapphire Sky begins announcing between songs that there will be a Lip Sync Battle during the first break, so come up to the side of the stage and choose a song.
Step 2: Honestly, almost no one listens to us. But this is ok — keep reading...
Step 3: After the 4th or 5th mention of a Lip Sync Battle, someone — usually the "class clown" of your group -- saunters up to the stage and signs up to do a song.
Step 4: On the first break, Sapphire Sky does a demonstration of a Lip Sync Battle. (This helps loosen up the crowd, but the next step is the real key.)
Step 5: The class clown then comes to the stage and begins their performance, which immediately draws the crowds attention even more. (People love to see one of their own up on stage.)
Step 6: People go crazy, and the gloves are off -- a half a dozen groups sign up to do "Greased Lighting", "It's Tricky", "You Shook Me All Night Long", etc.
Step 7: Complete pandemonium for the next half an hour. :)

Are props included?
Yes! We bring wigs, sunglasses, blow-up guitars, etc.

How do we choose songs?
The first option is to choose from a list of very popular Lip Sync Battle songs that Sapphire Sky will provide. If they have a song in mind that is not on the list, Sapphire Sky's DJ will play their song if he has it available (his song catalog is HUGE).

Is is really a "battle", with a winner and a loser?
We used to do it this way, based on The Jimmy Fallon Show. But we found groups of people would rather just get up on stage one after another and lip sync to their favorite songs. So that's what we do now.

Will my audience really enjoy this?
In the words of Jill H., "I was a little hesitant to have my friends get on stage and act like fools...but by the end of the night, everyone was having such a fun time dancing, that the surprise Lip Sync Battle out of nowhere really pushed it over the top. We're still laughing about it!!!!!"

Lip Sync Battles can be added on to any event: weddings, corporate events, country-themed events, and island-themed events. Contact us today for pricing & availability.